Manic Marshmallow Treats

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The original and still one of the best around! Available in several of your favorite cereal types and we have some gluten free options.


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  • Toasted about 125 MGs
  • Baked about 250 MGs
  • Plastered about 500 MGs✨ Elevate Your Snack Game with Our Homemade Marshmallow Cereal Treats! 🌈🍡

    Step into a world of sweet nostalgia with our irresistible Marshmallow Cereal Treats. Crafted with love and creativity, these homemade delights feature your favorite cereals, transforming them into gooey, chewy, and utterly delicious treats.

    Perfect for snacking, sharing, or surprising your loved ones with a nostalgic treat, our Marshmallow Cereal Treats are a symphony of flavor and texture. Order a batch today and let the magic of homemade goodness fill your home! 🏡✨


Toasted - COA
Baked - COA
Plastered - COA


1 review for Manic Marshmallow Treats

  1. Sierah (verified owner)

    I ordered the plain flavor at 250mg (baked). It was fantastic! I split it into thirds and let me tell you, it was plenty.

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