Tutti Frutti Cookies


Marshmallow and fruity goodness baked into a gluten free cookie.

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🌟✨ Elevate Your Cookie Game with Pure Bliss! 🍪 Gluten-free magic meets marshmallow delight and bursts of fruity goodness in every bite. Our cookies redefine sweet perfection! Indulge guilt-free in the symphony of flavors. 🌈🍓 These cookies are a celebration of sweet indulgence, baked with fluffy marshmallows and topped with fruity pebble goodness. Gluten-free and utterly delicious—because everyone deserves a taste of pure joy! 🍪🍓 #GlutenFreeDelight #SweetTreats #GlutenFreeJoy #CookieHeaven

  • Toasted about 125 MGs
  • Baked about 250 MGs
  • Plastered about 500 MGs


Toasted - COA
Baked - COA
Plastered - COA


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